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Welcome to the Creativity section of my blog, a hub for creative professionals like you, who are passionate about enhancing their brand or project with innovative strategies and imaginative thinking

With a background in web design, graphic design, social media, and photography, I'm here to share insights and experiences from various creative domains. If you're a creative professional eager to learn and grow, join me on this exhilarating journey as we explore the boundless potential of our creative minds. Stay informed about the latest trends and techniques that will help you thrive in the ever-changing creative landscape!

  • Initially designed as a tool for categorization and community building, hashtags have permeated every aspect of online communication. However, it's time we reevaluate their effectiveness. I firmly believe that hashtags are useless and should be abandoned in favor of traditional slogans, catchphrases, taglines.
  • Dystopian narratives have long fascinated us, weaving tales of future bleakness that paradoxically attract and engage. This fascination is a powerful hook that draws in audiences and sparks the creativity of writers and filmmakers alike. Our exploration reveals the underlying reasons behind the enduring appeal of dystopian worlds and examines how content creators masterfully craft these stories to reflect our deepest fears and highest hopes.
  • Discover the exquisite harmony of traditional techniques and modern storytelling through the eyes of 4 contemporary artists. Connect with a legacy of craft in an era dominated by digital creation. Celebrate the unique and enduring essence of handmade artistry.
  • I am exploring the fascinating intersection of copyright law and creativity, as we anticipate the expiration of Mickey Mouse's copyright in 2024. Let's join in the discussion of how this significant event will reshape my global creative endeavours.
  • In this guide, I explore how Notion, a powerful tool for organizing, can benefit creative professionals. Discover how Notion can revolutionize your creative workflow by storing and organizing ideas, tracking finances, managing projects, and serving as a resource center for teams.
  • Discover the captivating story of The Sneaky Artist's ascent to viral fame on Instagram. Explore the mesmerizing artwork, ingenious techniques, and the secrets behind this artist's extraordinary journey. Join the millions of art enthusiasts who have been captivated by The Sneaky Artist's unique talent and artistic prowess.
  • Learn about the importance of ROI in justifying project costs and demonstrating value, meeting diverse client needs, and adapting to those needs with a balance of concept development and result-focused design.
  • Discovering the Art of Levitation Photography I've always been fascinated by the magic of levitation photography, a unique technique that has transformed my creative vision. One day, before a light-painting session, Krio and me decided to experiment with this captivating style where the subject appears to be floating in mid-air.
  • The prevalence of bad art in our society and why it's important to engage with great art. Despite much of contemporary art being bad, a small bit of great art can change one's life and make engaging with it all worthwhile.
  • As a passionate creative, I understand that technology, especially AI tools for creative and marketing purposes, is not our adversary but rather a powerful ally. The misconception that AI will replace creative jobs is widespread. However, AI tools like Jasper can improve our workflow and productivity without eliminating our positions.
  • If you want to become a successful graphic designer in 2023, it's time to go beyond traditional methods of information. Discover the skills needed for success, marketing strategies, and how to tailor your portfolio towards employers. Learn all this and more on this post!
  • Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that affects many creatives – that feeling of inadequacy, self-doubt and anxiety that prompts a sense of “I’m not good enough”. Here's my experience on being bullied for years and feeling inadequate. And how I won.
  • In this blog post, I'll explore the different colours of noise, individual preferences for sound, the scientific impact of noise on sleep and focus, and practical tips to help you use sound to enhance your sleep quality.
  • Do you ever come across viral content on Instagram and wonder how the creators managed to get it noticed? The story of 15-year-old graphic designer from, Germany who now has thousands of followers on Instagram after his work went viral earlier this year on Instagram Reels takes us beyond luck!