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Reztokia graphic designer

How a 15 years old graphic designer went viral on Instagram and started a career

Reztokia graphic designer

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Do you ever come across viral content on Instagram and wonder how the creators managed to get it noticed? 

Sure, some works of art, graphic designs, or photographers just go ‘viral’ overnight – no one knows exactly why. But the story of 15-year-old Philip Rempel, a self-taught graphic designer from Hamburg, Germany who now has thousands of followers on Instagram after his work went viral earlier this year on Instagram Reels takes us beyond luck! When he posted his colourful brutalist poster concept artwork. Little did he know that what seemed like an unassuming activity would turn him into an sensation and launch his career as a professional designer within weeks! He launched his project as a freelance designer called Reztokia. 

The Reel that made him famous and viral shows his poster animated with After Effects and is a mix of animations, zoomed in closeup details of his artwork, sound effects to enhance the experience in 20 seconds.

reztokia concept poster.
an imitation of Reztokia's concept poster.

How Reztokia's Design Work Went Viral on Reels.

You may have already come across his impressive work on Instagram Reels, where he's been gaining attention for his unique graphic design style that blends brutalism and retro aesthetics. 

He recently launched his own project as a freelance designer called Reztokia, and his fame skyrocketed when his animated After Effects poster went viral on social media. 

In just 20 seconds, he managed to showcase all the elements that make his work stand out - from animation to closeup details to sound effects. He even gave his followers a peek into his creative process by showing in his stories how he merges analog and digital art to bring his designs to life. 

With his growing presence on Instagram Reels and YouTube (with live demos), we can expect to see more exciting projects from this talented youngster.

Philip's colourful brutalist poster concept artwork is a great example of how creative jobs can gain recognition online. In his Reel, Philip captivates his audience with a stunning animation of his concept poster. 

The use of strong sound effects in the background adds to the overall appeal, with echoes of metal gears and heavy machine gun reloading. The bold colours of red, black, and white truly showcase the brutality of his work. The rotating, sliding and scrolling animation of his graphical elements, such as typography and symbols, add depth to the overall creation. 

Philip's viral success is a reminder that with self-entrepreneurship and determination, it is possible to break out and make a name for oneself in the creative industry.

Tips and Strategies to Help You Reach the Same Level of Success

When it comes to reaching the same level of success as others in your field, it's important to go beyond just focusing on your specific area of expertise. Take Reztokia, for example. While it was born from an animation, it's now a graphic design project that has captured the attention of many. 

To engage your audience and keep them coming back for more, you need to invent a structure and script for your content that keeps them glued to the screen. 

Make them curious about your creative process and share how you made it all happen. 

Don't forget to mention the software you used, your inspiration source, and the techniques you adopted to achieve your final result. And once your content is ready to go, take advantage of social media marketing to spread the word. With these tips and strategies in mind, you'll be well on your way to reaching the same level of success as the best in the business.

reztokia imitation
an ai-generated imitation of Reztokia's concept poster.

Creating a Brand Identity for Yourself and Your Designs

Creating a strong brand identity for yourself and your designs is crucial in today's fast-paced digital world. One example of a successful branding strategy is Reztokia, a term coined by 15-year-old graphic designer and entrepreneur Philip Rempel. 

Reztokia describes the feeling of creative ecstasy and satisfaction that comes from producing work that you are proud of. Rempel first introduced the term through his social media presence, demonstrating the importance of a strong social media strategy for content creators. 

With platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, it's easier than ever to showcase your work and build your brand identity. As a graphic designer myself, I have collaborated with various clients and grown my own project's Instagram account to over 100k followers. It's important to create beautiful and functional visual systems, logos, posters, and graphics that not only impress but also reflect your unique brand identity.

Marketing Your Design Work Through Social Media Platforms

With social media, you have the power to showcase your work and connect with potential clients all around the world. Philip found that creating one poster a week helped him stay creatively inspired amidst long design projects. So, take a cue from Philip and use social media to not only market your design work, but to also keep your creative juices flowing on a regular basis.

Turning Passion into Profit - Making Money as a Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, my passion for creative jobs has allowed me to turn my hobby into a profitable business. I started by honing my skills through various projects and internships, which eventually led to me working with a large client base. 

Whether it's designing logos, creating website layouts, or even helping a YouTuber with video graphics, I constantly strive to produce my best work. I've also learned that the key to success lies in a balance between structure and creativity. Having structured routines is necessary for productivity, but I also make sure that I have processes in place that allow me to flex my creative muscles and let my imagination soar. 

Overall, turning passion into profit as a graphic or web designer is all about constantly learning, adapting, and exploring new possibilities.

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