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Google's latest update is a game changer for social media and SEO

Google Local Search

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In the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape, Google has unfurled its latest update, introducing a 'Social Media Updates' sub-section to its Business Listings. This upgrade transcends aesthetics. For those navigating the realms of content strategy, harnessing social media for SEO and brand visibility, this update signifies a  prospect to interlace social media seamlessly into the core of Google's omnipresent search results page.

Understanding the "Social Media Updates" Sub-Section

Google Business Listings now serve as a dynamic showcase, integrating the latest feeds from a brand’s social platforms directly into its profile. This means that the pulse of your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and X (Twitter) accounts can now be felt directly through Google Search and Maps. It's a direct line to demonstrating the breadth and dynamism of your brand.

We already know that videos can be indexed and displayed in search engine results: think about your YouTube channel or your TikTok profile! But now it is going to be a little different.

The Strategic Advantage of Integration

The true value of this integration is about creating a more interactive, engaging user experience directly within Google's ecosystem. This streamlined social content can significantly elevate traffic to your brand’s online locales, enriching the user's journey and deepening engagement with your content.

Connecting your socials with Precision and Care

While Google offers automatic linking capabilities, a meticulous, hands-on approach in curating these connections is advisable. By manually selecting and verifying the links to your social profiles via the Google Business dashboard, you ensure a polished and consistent representation of your brand. This careful curation is key to leveraging the full potential of this update. You know, this practice is well known by many pros and content creators that use services like Linktree, Beacons or simply have a list on their website. But apparently Google can take these informations and display them on a SERP. Easy!

Google social media
Is Google going to use social media posts in SERPs?

Garnering Google's Favour

The influence of Google's algorithms in automatically featuring social media links in your Business Profile should not be underestimated. This underscores the importance of maintaining a strong, credible presence across your digital platforms, feeding Google's algorithms with regular, meaningful, and engaging content. It's about leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs for Google’s crawlers to find and feature.

In the art of digital marketing, where each post, tweet, and video can sway the hearts and minds of your audience, it's vital to employ a strategy that speaks their language. The power of this update lies in the ability to consistently deliver content that resonates, engages, and connects with your audience on a personal level.

For a content strategist like myself, This update serves as a compelling call to action. It offers a distinct opportunity to merge strategic insight with creative vision, shaping the digital story to really connect with audiences worldwide.


Google's latest integration of social media into its Business Listings is a lighthouse guiding us towards the future of digital interaction and engagement. For content strategists and social media managers, it's a call to craft content with even greater care and strategic insight — content that not only ranks but resonates, creating waves of engagement across the vast ocean of the internet.


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