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Instagram's Algorithm Revolution & What It Means for Creators in 2024

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In the constantly evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of platform changes is crucial for creators who seek to maximize their reach and impact. Instagram's recent announcement via their @Creators account marks a significant shift in the digital playground for content creators, social media managers, and brands alike.

For years, Instagram has been the canvas for storytellers, brands, and individuals to paint their narratives, reaching an audience that spans the globe. In their latest pivot, Instagram introduces a series of algorithm updates designed to democratize visibility and reward originality, promising more chances for creators to break through to new audiences—especially those who've often felt overshadowed by larger accounts.

We have been working on a new way to rank recommendations to give all creators an equal chance of breaking through. Through this process, every piece of eligible content is shown to a small audience that we think will enjoy it, regardless of whether they follow the account that posted it or not.

Equal Opportunities for All

Among the highlights of this update is the introduction of a new ranking input specifically tailored to give smaller creators more distribution. This change aims to level the playing field, ensuring that the vibrancy and diversity of content can shine through regardless of an account's follower count. 

For creators just starting their Instagram journeys, this could mean an unprecedented opportunity to reach new eyes and hearts.

The Originality Factor

Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations underscores Instagram's commitment to fostering a space where creativity and authenticity are front and center. This move not only elevates unique voices but also challenges creators to push the boundaries of their creativity. For a platform that thrives on visual storytelling, encouraging original content is paramount in maintaining its status as a hub of inspiration and innovation.

When we find two or more identical pieces of content on Instagram, we will only recommend the original one. This means that the original content will directly replace the reposted content in places where we recommend content - such as explore, reels and in-feed recommendations. 

Transparency in Content Sharing

Adding labels to reposted content, linking back to the original creator, introduces a new layer of transparency and attribution. This gesture acknowledges the creativity and effort behind content creation, ensuring that original creators receive recognition even when their work travels across various corners of the app. It’s a step towards fostering a more supportive and interconnected creator community on Instagram.

The Decline of Content Aggregators

The policy to remove content aggregators from recommendations directly tackles the challenges faced by original creators, who have long contended with accounts profiting from their work without credit. By limiting the reach of frequent reposters, Instagram aims to curb the proliferation of aggregated feeds, encouraging a more authentic and creator-focused experience on the platform.

When we find two or more identical pieces of content on Instagram, we will only recommend the original one. This means that the original content will directly replace the reposted content in places where we recommend content - such as explore, reels and in-feed recommendations. 

The Irony of 'Feature Profiles'

Ah, the “feature profiles” on Instagram, those noble champions of “promotion” for others. Take, for example, my project Sublument: a visual journey through the art of lightpainting that has garnered millions of organic views. Thanks to the consistent posting of my making-of videos, Instagram decided to reward my efforts with greater visibility, and the trail of this exposure continues to linger.

But, alas, not all heroes wear capes. I’ve never had a fondness for those pages that, under the guise of “promotion,” repost my videos without a shred of originality. And then there are those, the profiles that voraciously feed on Reels and photos from my beloved Puglia, taken from personal and not-so-famous accounts. They proclaim themselves as creatives, social strategy gurus, but in reality? They’re just modern-day content pirates, sailing the Instagram seas in search of others’ treasures to display as their own.

And while Instagram’s algorithm propels them to the crest of the waves, the true creators often remain hidden in the digital abyss. But beware, dear “feature profiles,” the latest Instagram update might just be your swan song. With Instagram’s new policies, the winds are shifting, and they may no longer be in your favor. It will be interesting to see how you navigate these stormy new waters. Good luck, you’ll need that too.


The recent Instagram updates signal a promising shift towards a more equitable and original content-driven ecosystem. By prioritizing authenticity, transparency, and a level playing field, Instagram reaffirms its role as a catalyst for creativity and connection in the digital age. For content creators and social media managers, adapting to these changes means reevaluating strategies with a focus on originality and genuine engagement.

Source: Instagram's @creators profile

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