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Keywords, Social Media, and more TikTok videos on Google search results

Information Search

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The way we search for information has undergone a radical transformation. As a content creator myself, I have seen firsthand how the simple act of finding information has evolved from browsing through encyclopaedia volumes to typing keywords on a search engine. Social media and content creation now play a significant role in this journey. 

Google's Game-Changing Feature

One of the most exciting recent developments in this sphere is Google's introduction of a new feature – displaying TikToks and Instagram posts in search results. As a content creator, this presents an enormous opportunity. Our social media posts can now reach audiences beyond the platforms they were created for, allowing us to connect with an even wider audience. 

Key to Timeless Content: Keyword Research 

Crafting timeless content is a marriage of quality writing and strategic keyword research. Keywords act as hooks that draw readers to our content, but it's the quality of writing that keeps them engaged. So, remember to not only focus on keyword research alone but also hone your writing skills to produce valuable and enduring content.

The Power of Keywords in Video Content

In the realm of video content, keywords can make or break your success. Incorporating keywords into your video scripts, captions, and hashtags can greatly enhance the visibility of your videos. As a creator who has seen their videos gain traction through effective keyword usage, I cannot stress enough the importance of this strategy.

Importance of Analytics in Digital Presence 

Analytics are the compass guiding our digital journey. Keeping a close eye on website and social media analytics can provide valuable insights into our audience's preferences and behaviours, enabling us to tailor our strategies accordingly. As someone who has pivoted their content direction based on analytics, I can testify to its power and importance. 

Boosting Social Media Visibility through Keywords

As creators, boosting our visibility on social media platforms is paramount. One proven strategy is optimising our profiles with relevant keywords, which can make it easier for potential followers to find us. I recommend taking the time to think about your brand and audience, and then choosing keywords that reflect these.

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The Unexpected TikTok Demographics

TikTok, a popular social media platform, is often associated with the younger generations. However, it is not only Gen Z who are taking to this platform. Surprisingly, a significant number of users over 40 have also found a home in TikTok, which goes to show that it's never too late to embrace new digital trends.

TikTok: Not Just for the Young!

TikTok, the social media platform that skyrocketed to popularity with its short-form videos and catchy tunes, is not just a teenage phenomenon anymore. Yes, you heard it right! Age is truly just a number when it comes to this viral video platform. It's now becoming a favorite pastime for those aged 40 and above, proving that TikTok isn't just for Gen Z or millennials.

According to recent statistics, users aged 40-49 make up 20.3% of the TikTok community, with those aged 50+ accounting for another 11%. That's right, over a third of TikTok users are over 40! Who said social media was a young person's game?

The Rise of the TikTok Boomers

The rise of 'TikTok Boomers' is nothing short of impressive. But what draws this demographic to a platform initially dominated by younger audiences? Well, it seems that these users are embracing the app's fun and creative aspect, using it as an outlet to express themselves, connect with others, learn new things, and yes, even crack a smile or two!

But there's more to this trend than meets the eye. The rise in TikTok usage among the 40+ demographic also signifies a shift in digital media consumption patterns. It's a testament to TikTok's unique content and engaging format that such a wide age range of users find it appealing.

What are they watching?

Now, let's delve into what type of content these 40+ TikTok users are consuming. Are they watching dance challenges, DIY hacks, or perhaps comedy skits?

From what we gather, the content watched by the 40+ demographic on TikTok is as diverse as the users themselves. Many enjoy humorous content, finding joy in lighthearted and funny videos that offer a quick laugh. Others are drawn to educational content, using the platform as a source of bite-sized information on a wide range of topics.

DIY and home improvement videos also seem to be popular among this age group. From gardening tips to home organization hacks, these users are leveraging TikTok as a resource for their hobbies and interests. Moreover, many 40+ users engage with content related to health and wellness, personal finance, and even career advice. It seems that the appeal of TikTok lies not just in its entertainment value, but also in its capacity to provide valuable insights and practical tips in an engaging format.

The Future of TikTok is Ageless

In conclusion, the rise of TikTok usage among those aged 40 and above underscores the platform's universal appeal. As more and more 'TikTok Boomers' and Gen-Xers join the platform, we can expect to see an even greater variety of content, perspectives, and trends emerge. One thing's for sure - the future of TikTok is ageless!


As we navigate our journey in the evolving digital landscape, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest trends. From Google's new feature to the importance of keyword research, analytics, and embracing unexpected demographics, we must continue to adapt, learn, and grow. After all, the world of content creation and information search is constantly evolving, and so should we.

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