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How Sublument's rebranding adventure is reshaping its market presence


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In the realm of art and innovation, staying true to one's creative essence while evolving with time and insights is paramount. For Sublument, a pioneering light-painting photography project that has been a part of my identity and inspiration, the past years represent an exhilarating odyssey. With a fervor to document and celebrate this unique evolution, I invite you to immerse yourself in the narrative of Sublument's rebranding – an account that encapsulates not just the about-face in visual identity but the very heart and soul of this radiant venture.

From its humble beginnings in the clandestine after-hours of Salento's hidden shores to captivating audiences worldwide with the mesmerizing art of painting with light, Sublument has etched its vibrant trail into the fabric of artistic exploration. The amalgamation of personal passion, technical prowess, and the curious pursuit of the captivating unseen have fueled this project, resulting in a portfolio of images that defy the conventional and dare to dance on the fringes of imagination.

The Genesis of Sublument

For those unacquainted, Sublument was conceived not as a mere photographic technique but as a medium to translate emotions, stories, and the ethereal beauty of light into tangible fragments of art. A celebration of the transient and the persistent, Sublument found its voice in the very essence of light, presenting it in visual ensembles that stirred the soul and challenged the viewer to perceive nocturnal landscapes in a new, luminous light.


The Decision to Rebrand

After seven years of capturing the unseen, the time had come to acknowledge the substantial growth and transformation of Sublument. The decision to rebrand stemmed from a deeply personal evolution intertwined with the project's expanding horizon. Each photo taken was a brushstroke in a narrative that was simultaneously taking new forms and questioning its own definition.

The pivotal juncture demanded a visual identity that echoed the avant-garde nature of Sublument, and with this impetus, the creative wheels of rebranding were set in motion.

Designing the New Logotype

The creation of a new logo was an aesthetic exercise and a visual representation of the project's metamorphosis. The final logotype, deliberate in its design, echoes the dynamic nature of light-painting and also exudes an element of the future – a fitting tribute to Sublument's perpetual thrust forward.

Crafted with an intention to break away from convention, the logotype's three-line version stood out for its unconventional yet harmonious interplay of forms. Derived from the Ponjoung typeface by Southills Studio, it is a nod to contemporary design ideologies, steering clear from the commonplace to give an authentic, buoyant feel reflective of the project's ethos.


Unveiling the New Logomark

The logomark, akin to an enigmatic puzzle piece, complements the logotype in encapsulating the essence of Sublument. It embodies a half-human face, interwoven with elements of the alien, the skull, and the feminine mystique, rendering a signature that is at once compelling and enigmatic.

The intricacies of the logomark evoke curiosity, mirroring the desire of Sublument to engage its audience in thought-provoking dialogues through its art. It's a symbol that pays homage to the project's roots while nodding to a future brimful with possibilities and uncharted artistic escapades.


A Canvas of Color

The significance of color in rebranding cannot be overstated. It narrates the emotional spectrum and offers a subtle yet powerful way to resonate with the audience. The color palette of Sublument's rebrand is a symphony composed of hues found in the strokes of light that define its art.

Reflecting the myriad colors that infused the light trails captured through the lens, the palette is a melding of deep, starlit shades and vibrant bursts reminiscent of the cosmic dance. It's an immersive palette that not only enhances the visual experience but also speaks to the soul of Sublument's mission – to bathe the mundane in the allure of radiance, albeit in darkness.


Crossroads and Future Avenues

The rebranding is a strategic milestone in Sublument's roadmap. It denotes the project's  inexhaustible desire to push the envelope further. With new avenues like the venture into an e-commerce platform on the horizon, the rebrand is a harbinger of the novel interactions and experiences that await Sublument's followers.

This rebranding is the prelude to an extensive volume that promises more remarkable works and a deeper connection with the community. I extend my gratitude to all the friends who have been part of the Sublument odyssey thus far and invite each one of you to share in the excitement for what lies ahead.


The Essence of Sublument

Sublument, now with a new visual identity, embodies the profound impact of art and it can be considered as a compilation of narratives - personal, artistic, and shared. The revised visual narrative amplifies the project's message and its outreach, ensuring that with every glimpse, Sublument offers a radiant presence that captures the attention of onlookers, leaving a lasting impression of awe and wonder.

Sublument looks forward to synchronizing with the rhythms of the modern world, offering a diverse collection of merchandise that marries the loftiness of art with the practicality of daily life. This is an invitation, a call for those who appreciate depth, a nudge for the curious at heart. Step into the glow of Sublument — a spectacle whose echo and beauty persist, long after the light dims.

Final Impressions

The tale of Sublument's rebranding is one of transformation. It is an account that applauds the spirit of innovation and celebrates the fusion of heritage and the avant-garde. With each word penned and each image detailed, the narrative offers a glimpse into the mind and heart of Sublument — a testament to creative excellence and an oasis of inspiration in a parched and routine world.

This is not a standstill point; it is a starting line. A line that, when crossed, opens various  possibilities, inviting an audience not just to view but to participate to my project Sublument. 

Engage, explore, and emerge renewed as you tread among the waves of luminescence created by Sublument — a brand reimagined, a mission reaffirmed, a dream unquenchable. Through Sublument, light finds a new meaning, and the night becomes our canvas, for us to marvel, for us to belong.

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