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impostor syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Creative

impostor syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon that affects many creatives – that feeling of inadequacy, self-doubt and anxiety that prompts a sense of “I’m not good enough”. 

As a designer and content creator myself, I have experienced these feelings firsthand. When working on new projects, I would wonder if I had the necessary skills, creativity, and talent to accomplish anything worthwhile. 

These concerns and doubts can be paralyzing, causing you to question your abilities, talents, and achievements. In this post, I would like to explore the strategies and tips that have helped me overcome my imposter syndrome, and hopefully help others in the creative community deal with their own self-doubt too.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts and Emotions

The first step to overcoming imposter syndrome is to acknowledge and name your feelings. It is normal to feel insecure or anxious when taking on new challenges or creative endeavors. But it is important to challenge your negative self-talk with evidence and logic, or with positive affirmations. 

Surround yourself with people who can offer constructive feedback and support you on your creative journey. Practice self-care and self-compassion, including mindfulness, exercise, hobbies, or therapy.

Shifting from Comparison to Collaboration

Social media can amplify feelings of imposter syndrome by providing a constant stream of curated highlight reels from other creatives. Avoid comparing yourself to others' successes, especially on social media. 

Recognize that every creative journey is different and unique. Appreciate other creatives' talents and achievements without feeling threatened or inferior. Seek opportunities to collaborate or learn from other creatives, as a way to expand skills and perspectives.

impostor syndrome

Focusing on the Process and the Purpose

To overcome imposter syndrome, shift your attention from external validation to internal motivation. Question the underlying values and goals of your creative work. Find joy and meaning in the act of creation and the personal fulfillment it brings. 

Experiment with new approaches, styles, or media to keep the creative process fresh and engaging.

Learning from Failures and Rejections

Failure is an essential part of growth and innovation. Embrace failure as a necessary part of your creative journey. Analyze the reasons or causes of a project failure or a rejection, without blaming yourself entirely. Reframe failures as opportunities to learn, adapt, or pivot to new directions. 

Share failures, setbacks, or challenges with others, as a way to normalize and humanize the creative process.

impostor syndrome

My experience: being bullied, meanly

When I was a kid, I unfortunately experienced being bullied by a friend. It started when my friend began to ridicule me in front of our other teenage friends. His ultimate goal was to make himself look cool and superior, while making me appear foolish and incompetent

As a child, I was actually quite talented and creative, excelling in my studies and hobbies. However, this constant belittling made me doubt my abilities and feel like an imposter in my own skin. 

Even today, as a professional web designer and content creator, I still feel the lingering effects of this impostor syndrome. But I am determined to overcome it and continue to elevate my skills and self-worth.

Bullying is a harmful experience that can leave a lasting impact on an individual's life. 

When I was a child, I was bullied by a friend who wanted to impress others by putting me down. Despite being skilled and creative in my own right, his constant taunts and teasing made me feel like an impostor - like I wasn't good enough. This experience stayed with me and even now, as a professional creative, I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy. However, I've since learned that many successful individuals experience similar feelings and that overcoming impostor syndrome is possible with the right mindset and support. 

It's important to remember that bullying is never okay and that we can rise above our past experiences to achieve greatness.

In Italy, it's apparent that many people adopt a treacherous strategy towards life. Instead of striving towards healthy competition and self-improvement, they resort to mind games to put others down and make them feel worthless

This is not the behaviour of an "alpha male," as one might think. This behaviour stems from a place of insecurity and the desire to boost one's self-esteem by making others look foolish. Unfortunately, not everyone can escape the demoralising effects of these tactics. 

The feelings of inadequacy and impostor syndrome can feel overwhelming at times. However, by focusing on self-improvement and ignoring the taunts of those who seek to diminish us, we can rise above such behaviour and become better versions of ourselves.

impostor syndrome ai art

Despite surpassing a rough patch in my life, I often struggle with the impostor syndrome. 

Despite constantly striving to improve myself and my skills, I still find myself occasionally feeling inadequate. That's why I crave affirmation and positive feedback from those around me - my family, friends, and colleagues. Even my followers on social media. Yes, I may have amassed 100k followers on Instagram and made millions of views, but each day is a new beginning. 

And to build a positive attitude towards myself, I need all the support I can get. It's difficult to overcome the psychological effects of bullying, but I'm determined to do it one day at a time.

Did you ever experience the frustration of being bullied and feeling like you weren't skilled enough? Did you struggle with impostor syndrome, constantly doubting your abilities despite evidence to the contrary? If so, you're not alone. It can be tough to push through those feelings, but I'm here to tell you that it's possible. 

Let's connect and share our stories - our experiences can help make someone's life better. Shoot me an email and let's chat about how we can overcome the challenges that life throws our way. Together, we can celebrate our successes and support each other when things get rough.

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